Get Your Kicks Clogging

Rodney Sutton has performed under the names The Fiddle Puppet, Mr. Limberjack, and Cornmeal Sutton during his forty plus years of bringing his love of Appalachian step-dancing to audiences across the US, Canada and the British Isles. His “Get Your Kicks Clogging” program is a lively performance that is easily adapted to any setting and age group.

He shares the history of Appalachian step-dancing in an informative and entertaining manner and demonstrates the steps that define flatfooting, buck dancing, and clogging, while weaving stories of his friendship with Watauga County, North Carolina dance legends, Willard Watson and Robert Dotson.

Be prepared to join in the fun as Rodney encourages his audiences to participate in his shows by learning a simple version of Robert Dotson’s famous Walking Step, and he will take participants on a journey out into Willard Watson’s barnyard to give Willard’s animal dances a try.

With Rodney incorporating sing-a longs, hamboning, and a sit-down square dance, it all adds up to guaranteed FUN for all ages!

This program can include live music by one of his many friends on fiddle and banjo, along with explanations of the role these two instruments “play” in the evolution of clogging.


Rodney leading a workshop at Happy Valley


Passionate About Possums

Join Rodney Sutton as he weaves stories and curious facts about the most unusual of all creatures: the lovable marsupial – the opossum.

Rodney uses puppets and his amazing collection of possum paraphernalia as he tells the entertaining story of his pet possum Flat Alf, which is also revealed in the children’s book Alfred the Possum: On the Road with The Green Grass Cloggers written by Leanne E. Smith and illustrated by Madalyn McLeod. The book chronicles the life of Alfred with amusing tales of a tiny possum who aspires to become a clogger.

This performance includes possum sing-along songs and learning the famous possum dance! A special appearance by the original mummified Alfred, who has resided in a pizza box since 1996, highlights the show. You can’t make this stuff up!

Rodney giving a “Passionate About Possums” talk at Happy Valley
Rodney giving a clogging/flatfooting demo for Chatham County JAM